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  • Grašac White

    • Bottle: 0,75 L

    Grašac White is young, refreshing and fluttering wine. Smells like ripe apples, table fruits and citrus, with touch of white flowers, with juicy finale which lasts longer.

    850.00 RSD
  • Mystery dry

    • Bottle: 0,75 L

    The wine is of a straw yellow colour, a pleasing and sumptuous aroma of table and citrus fruits. It tastes very fresh, clear and firm in structure.

    850.00 RSD
  • Mystery semi-dry

    • Bottle: 0,75 L

    Wine with straw-yellow colour and slightly higher intensity. Rich scent of fruits, especially mature lemon zest, peach and quince jam.

    1,080.00 RSD
  • Chardonnay Kiš

    • Bottle: 0,75 L

    Chardonnay is full-bodied white wine, with golden-yellow colour, expressing pleasant fruity scent, clear aroma, with discrete fruity acids and with one thin sweet touch.

    940.00 RSD
  • Kiš Rose

    • Bottle: 0,75 L

    Full and rounded, with fresh acids and a gentle, well-integrated note of sweetness that exudes fruity in the mouth and which is long recognized in the finish.

    920.00 RSD
  • Kiš Portugieser

    • Bottle: 0,75 L

    Portugieser has from always been synonym for the top quality red wines of Fruška Gora. It is characterized by thick, purple-blue colour.

    1,200.00 RSD
  • Kiš Merlot

    • Bottle: 0,75 L

    This wine comes from the first plantation of this variety in Fruška Gora. It is characterized by an incentive ruby colour, discrete aroma and fresh taste.

    1,150.00 RSD
  • Kiš Bermet white

    The fragrance will give you an abundance of spicy notes, most notably cloves, cinnamon, bitter orange and wormwood The wine is extremely full, sumptuous in the mouth.

    250.00 RSD850.00 RSD
  • Kiš Bermet Red

    The sumptuous aroma of dried cherries, cinnamon, cloves, speculas, vanilla and black chocolate that you feel on your nose will repeat in your mouth.

    250.00 RSD1,050.00 RSD