The winery

The place where we pour love in the bottle

In our family, a memorable event was left in the mid-1990s when grandfather Slavko came home one day and said he bought new winery equipment. It was not surprising, as the house was already discussing what and where to buy. Yet, when he said what he had bought, somehow surprised, Jovan, then a beginner in a wine business, asked him:

  • Well, did you have to buy the most expensive?
  • If you want something good, then it has to be the most expensive!”, grandpa said.

And so, all these years, philosophy has not changed. We do not always want to buy the most expensive, but that’s why we always look for the best. Investing in technology, gives visible results already after the first use.

When, leaving the parental home, our grandfather bought his own house and property, his first job was to dig a wine cellar. He knew that the wine would build a house, and vice versa would never be. In our basement today is our barrique hall. Due to the need for bigger space, we moved the production to a new facility – a winery.

The new winery is located in the vineyard Matej and is not yet officially open for visits. As ever, we build it slowly, patiently and according to the possibilities. The total capacity of the winemaker is 150,000 liters, but for now we use slightly less than half. Nevertheless, the new vineyards are growing and the new generations of the descendants of The Kiš Family are rising …