This is where the magic was born

Having a good wine means you have good grapes before that. For that reason, in our family, for decades, we have taken special care about where and when we buy plots where the new vineyard plant will be. “On the journey from Vienna to Constantinople, travel writers wrote that on the bank of the Danube, on the slopes of Fruška gora, there is a small town, Karom (the old name of the Sr. Karlovci), and that until now they did not drink a more beautiful and cleaner, refined wine. And I think they were right, because we are in God’s given place, the slope of Fruška gora, on the bank of the Danube, at in between the south and the north. Namely, the south is missing acid, north misses sugar, and we have everything in the middle. Well, now it’s only necessary to use it, “learned us grandpa Slavko.

The first vineyard was bought back in 1801. years. Then there was an unwritten rule that a family can live well if it owns 2 hectares of vineyard from which it grapes, processes it into wine and sells it. In the first 100 years the vineyards spread as much as the family grew. In the post-World War II period, success was to preserve the existing ones. Many of them were sold or planted with some other culture. Not our family. Our ancestors were thinking in the long run …

Today, we own 14 hectares of vineyards: 11.5 in the genus and 2.5 in preparation. The largest part is on the move Matej, the elite Karlovac vineyards with the highest quality grapes. In the past, this part was also called Sugar Valley because grapes here have always accumulated most of the sugar. Bearing in mind the fact that it is a basin that collapses towards the Danube, all of the excessive humidity drops down, excellent wind currents, and that these vineyards are heated by two suns: one from the sky and another from the Danube, the quality of the grapes is not surprising. In addition to the plantation Grašac white (famous clone SK 54), Chardonnay, Portugieser, Frankovka and Cabernet Sauvignon, here are the first plants of Rhine Riesling and Merlot on Fruška Gora, which we are particularly proud of.

Less quantities of Grašac white are planted in the vineyards of Lipovac and Ćušilovo, while some of Merlot and Rhine Riesling are also found in the vineyard of the Krstuševina.